Getting ready to launch new Website

The new website design for has been in the making for a month now and is almost ready to launch. We brought out all the stop for this website including a few things that have never been done before on any other websites that Epic Web Solutions has launched.

-Search Engine/Keyword Detection to display relevant content based on what the user typed into Google/Yahoo/Bing.

  • By detecting the keyword they have searched, we can show users targeted product images/text and increase conversions.
  • Learn more about what the user wants to see and display only converting images.

-Geolocation of users by IP address

  • Find out where the user is coming from and display testimonials from local business’s that they may recognize to increase brand recognition
  • Display discounts or promos based on location
  • Real time content delivery based on location

Combining these two techniques, we will be looking to increase conversions while also enhancing the user experience by only giving them content/sales/promos that are targeted to what they are looking for and their specific location.

Using IP Address Geo Location Technology with SEO

Using IP address Geo location is one way to possibly look at in improving your conversion rates through on page optimization. As things become more and more complex on the internet and users are given multiple ways to buy a particular product or service, you should give your best shot at converting EVERY user that comes to your website. By using IP address geo location, you can display content based on the users location. This method won’t double your conversion rate, but it will be a nice little to test to see if your product or service is more marketable if presented to users by their location.

Using the geographical data:

-Use the geographical data to produce a call to action or geographical based sale or deal.

-Funnel this user to an optimizated landing page for there location. Perform split testing to see if your users are attracted to there location (city, state or zip).

Don’t redirect users on your home page based on there location, Google may think you are cloaking and flag you, put you in there supplemental index or even ban you if they think it’s a malicious act. Simply change content or calls to action only!

How this applies to SEO:

The whole goal of SEO is really to get more traffic and convert that traffic. Anything that includes producing more online sales or conversions boils down to optimizing your website so that users buy your product or service or at least contact you about it. If you are able to taylor your website to each individual and display things in a way that it would apply to there location, situation or emotion you would. You need to take as much given information about your user and use it to your advantage. This also includes refering pages, referring search engines, keywords etc…


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