New Info-graphic For SEO Client

Using Info-graphics To Acquire Links

Titan Power is a data center design, build and maintenance company that we provide ongoing SEO services for.  We provide ongoing link building, content marketing and many other services to help increase their rankings for keyword phrases such as “UPS maintenance”.

As we all know now with the Penguin & Panda updates with Google, links are more important than ever (quality, natural links that is).  By producing this info-graphic for Titan Power, our goal is to acquire high quality industry specific links that will help increase their domain authority.


Creating info-graphics takes time.  The reason that info-graphics are compelling and a great marketing/SEO tool is because its great content, looks nice and gives content providers FREE content.  You are doing these content providers a favor by giving them something to put on their website and talk about.  You know you have done a good job with your idea, data and design when industry specific communities respond well to the info-graphic and spreads naturally.  The subject matter needs to be one of the following:

  • Evergreen
  • Timely
  • Relevant
  • Controversial

We believed that this info-graphic that we produced with Titan Power is an Evergreen subject matter, meaning that it is always relevant because people unplanned outages for data centers is a common occurrence and many people are constantly doing research on it.

When designing these info-graphics,


Deployment is crucial.  If no one see’s your info-graphic, its useless.  During the design and development of the info-graphic, we reach out to publishers in the industry and let them know this is coming and test the waters to see if we have a good, solid idea.  It is also nice to get feedback from these industry publishers, because they have years of experience and know what is relevant in their industry.  One factor that can often be overlooked in deployment is social.  If you have social media accounts, use them.  Use twitter and hash tags to your advantage to get the content in front of the right people.  This will also help your social media campaign and show good social signals to your site.

Info-graphic Link Acquisition Analysis

Once the deployment has been completed and the dust has settled, we will look through Titan Power’s link profile to determine if this campaign was successful, find out where we either succeeded or failed and make improvements for the next one.  Each industry is different, and it is important too learn from the community and understand that their reception to your info-graphic will be different than yours and mine.  Always be open minded and make improvements to your campaign moving forward.

Below is the info-graphic for Titan Power

Understanding Costs & Reasons For Data Center Outages