ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance for Websites

ADA Compliance requires a balanced approach:

1.) Scan website, make sure its WCAG compliant

It's critical that we asses your overall website compliance but scanning your website and understanding how much effort is needed to make it WCAG compliant.  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is the standard that helps make your webb content more accessible for people with disabilities.

2.) Weekly Scanning/Remediation

Like most websites, your website isn't are constantly adding content to it to attract more visitors.  We develop plan that suits your needs to constantly measure your website and remediate the WCAG/section 508 findings.
3.) Legal Assistance
Wether you are being proactive abbout ADA compliance for your website or you are actively being sued, we have partners with lawyers that specialize in ADA compliance.  We are here to help.