8 things to look for in a website design proposal

When getting a quote for your next website, there are a few critical items that you should see in every web design/development proposal that you get back. Obviously these may not apply to all proposals but a good general guide for anything website design/development related.

  • How long has the company been around? With any industry, there are several companies/freelancers that are flying by the seat of their pants. You will generally get these website for a little cheaper, but you usually pay the price elsewhere (communication, delays, expertise, etc…). It’s important that you see that the company has built other website similar to yours either in industry or in size.
  • How does the company handle changes in scope? There should be a clear concise way of handling changes in scope, because the reality is that scope changes on almost every project. You want to see something like a change order, or a document that outlines the scope change process. Usually changes in scope have a cost, and that cost should have a signature attached to it so the client is always in the know.
  • What is the Cost? This is obvious. Have an exact price of what your project is going to cost. Determine which fees are optional and which ones are required.
  • What is the payment schedule? Know exactly when payments are due and for how much. Typical payment schedules depend on the size of the proposal, but are usually 50/50 or 35/35/30. Please don’t ever pay 100% of your proposal up front. It’s also very normal for companies to not start work until a deposit is made.
  • Is the company that you are using insured? Things happen that are out of everyone’s control. Everybody makes mistakes, and you need to know that if a mistake is made either by the company doing your website or someone internal to your business that you are covered. You should look for proof of an insurance policy that covers errors and omissions for at least $500,000. This protects the company you are doing business with and your company. The insured amount changes if the project is larger or there is a significant potential for loss of revenue (eCommerce).
  • Does the company have references? The company should either provide testimonials, references or the ability to check references. It’s always nice to see what others have to say about the company you are about to use.
  • Are the legal terms sufficient? The legal terms should spell out exactly what happens in the event there is litigation. The legal terms should also clarify if deposits are refundable, and who owns the intellectual property once the project is paid for in full. Once you pay in full, you should ALWAYS own all intellectual property. It’s unacceptable for anyone not to hand over assets once the contract is paid in full.
  • What are you actually getting? It needs to be very clear what will be delivered for each line item on the proposal. Single line items with simply just a name and a cost aren’t good. For example, if you are paying for design, does that come with 1 mockup or two? Also, are revisions included in this price or billed extra?

Overall, we believe these items are the key pieces that need to be in a well written website design proposal.







Mobile Website Design

No doubt about it, the demand for mobile web design is growing like a mushroom cloud. You want to get your business on board before you get left in the dust. Professional Phoenix Web Design developers can offer you advanced services for both web design and mobile marketing. The investment in these services will be well worth it.

The rate at which the use of mobile internet is growing is nothing less than tremendous, and the boom is really just in its infancy. Projections are that mobile use of the internet will continue to grow for years. The frenzied appetite for Phoenix Web Design in the mobile market was instigated by two key developments. The first was the onset of mobile technology. Wireless application protocol has enabled handheld devices to access the internet. As this technology becomes more and more main stream, prices drop, making these devices accessible to the greater population. In time, such devices will surely be considered a necessity, where they were once a luxury for those with extra means. The more that users that have access to such devices and actively use them, the greater the demand will be for Phoenix Web Design that is specifically suited to mobile applications.

The second factor that has fed the frenzied appetite for Phoenix Web Design for the mobile market is increased connectivity. Over time, mobile connectivity becomes accessible to more and more users as the price point drops to reasonable levels. Mobile connectivity also continues to get steadily faster and better. As a result, more and more people are accessing the internet on the mobile devices.

All this demand for mobile web access has put the pressure on Phoenix Web Design developers. Websites have traditionally been built for use on laptop and desktop computers. Unfortunately, these websites do not work correctly on mobile devices. This is primarily due to the discrepancy in screen size. As a result, websites have to produce altered layouts of their site that are mobile browser compatible.

As more and more mobile users turn to their devices to access the internet, profits will become more and more tethered to mobile-friendly web design. With greater and greater frequency, mobile users are making decisions while browsing on the mobile devices. They are researching, purchasing, booking, and reserving online. Websites that are not correctly rendered for wireless application protocol (WAP) browsers will soon be bypassed and overlooked by this large body of users.

Mobile web design providers offer a variety of services to make your website mobile compatible. If you have an existing website, they can assist you in developing a WAP friendly version. When mobile access is detected, this version will be displayed. If you do not already have a website, these developers can start from scratch and create both desktop and mobile websites to enable e-commerce for your business.
There is no doubt about the fact that mobile web access is the wave of the future. If you want to keep your business viable online, you have got to dive in now. Professional design services can provide you with web design that is WAP compatible and mobile search that is optimized to keep your business on the cusp of mobile access technology.