Digital Marketing/SEO

Digital marketing is the promotion of a company through the use of search optimization, online advertising, and content marketing. At Epic Web Solutions, we provide integrated digital marketing plans that have a balanced and proven method for driving revenue through our clients’ websites.
SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the practice/strategy behind trying to get your website to rank for targeted keywords with the hope of increasing traffic/conversions. This is done through blogging, link building, on page optimization and several other important SEO factors.
Ranking highly on Google takes time. For competitive industries, it can take several months and sometimes even a year. For niche product services it often times takes 4 - 8 months to reach the first page. Keep in mind, we don't guarantee #1 or page 1 ranking in any certain period of time. Be wary of someone who does guarantee this as they are almost always lying.
Blogging is a small factor out of many that contribute to a well-architected SEO strategy. With blogs, quality is more important than quantity. You want users to stay on your website, engage, read the whole post and get them to share or link to it... this is ultimately the goal.
Yes, Epic Web Solutions provides a wide range of services in regards to digital marketing. Each company and industry is different; therefore, we do not offer package plans. Each plan is specialized determined based on competition, search volume, specific goals and many other factors.
Yes, Google has stated, and industry leaders agree, that a responsive website provides better user experience and therefore helps increase rankings, especially among mobile searches. Users who are searching on a mobile phone and get a desktop website will likely bounce and move on to the next website.
We price SEO based on what we think it's going to take from a time, resources and strategy standpoint to be relative in search for the keywords we deem critical for your success. The cost is generally in line with the amount of competition in your industry. The more competitive industries cost more than the less competitive ones simply because they require more time/resources to compete.

eCommerce Websites

We typically build websites on the OpenCart framework because it's opensource and is packed with useful ecommerce features. We will also build ecommerce websites in WordPress if we feel that this is in the customers best interest.
You can have as many products as you want. As you add more products, there are best practices that we implement in order to keep the site fast loading and easy for the users to operate.
Yes. Both WordPress and OpenCart integrate with dozens of payment process out of the box. We always recommend adding PayPal as we have seen it lead to an increase in conversion.
Typically we see customer charging tax only on orders shipped to the state that they do business in. For example, Arizona shipped orders for a company based in Arizona will charge a flat rate tax...usually around 8%.
OpenCart and WordPress integrate with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL. They also have plugins for Shipworks, Shipstation and many other aggregate shipping providers which will handle your shipping for you. We often set up custom shipping rules either on a product, category or location basis.
Yes, most ecommerce sites that we build sell something that has different variations. Examples are sizes, colors or different configurations.
It's now a best practice to secure every page of your website, not just the pages submitting credit card information. For this reason, we recommend to all of our customers to get an SSL certificate and secure every single page. For customer hosting with us, we handle this from end to end.
Yes, we handle websites like this all the time.

Web Hosting

A lot of companies are the middleman and simply just resell hosting. This isn't the case for us, we actually have our own server in the Northern California data center at AWS. We utilize Cpanel to give each customer there own access and have it securely partitioned.
Our server is PCI compliant. This, however, doesn't mean you are PCI compliant as there are certain rules that apply to the website/application that have nothing to do with the server. We achieved our PCI compliance just recently and spent a lot of time securing/hardening our server.
We back up the sites two different ways: 1.) Locally so you can restore if needed through the Cpanel interface. This is done nightly. 2.) We back up the files off-site each night to place only we can access. These are stored for 30 days.
If we have a server issue that affects your website that is caused by something we did, we fix it for free. We also maintain/update the server weekly to keep it secure and most up to date with patches.
Yes, we monitor the sites that we host every 60 seconds. If one goes down we investigate immediately and fix if possible.
$39 a month for just hosting $99 a month if you host and want 2 hours of maintenance per month. Paid monthly by credit card. Prices subject to change without notice.
We scan nightly for these files and remediate accordingly.

Web Design Questions

Yes, Epic Web Solutions specializes in responsive website design and development. A responsive website is designed and developed in a system that allows the website to restructure at certain thresholds. The code empowers the site to have the same content in a format that is optimized for specific devices based on the screen resolution, which provides the best user experience for each device.
Yes, Epic Web Solutions provides a wide range of CMS (Content Management System) development options. We provide custom CMS solutions, WordPress CMS integration, and many other CMS services depending on the goals and specifications of the website project. The majority of customers who use us to build websites end up going with WordPress, but occasionally customers need something more custom tailored and go a different route.
Each website project is different and requires a specially designed solution. An informational website takes roughly 45-60 days to design and develop. Depending on the nature of the project, the time frame is adjusted based on the requirements and functionality of the project. Each project is given a project schedule upon kickoff to ensure deadlines are met quickly and efficiently.
Project fees are broken up into two instalments: -The first instalment is due upon kickoff. Work on the project will not start until the receipt of the initial instalment is received. -The second instalment is due prior to launch/final delivery. The website/project will not launch until paid in full.
We provide web hosting services. They start at $39 a month and change based on needs. Our web hosting plans all come with off-site backup, motoring for uptime every minute and automatic virus scanning nightly. Our servers are hosted with AWS and each customer is given Cpanel access to their site. They can manage FTP, Database and several other aspects of their site on their own.
We do both custom and template websites. Custom websites are custom to the brand and seen no where else on the internet. They go through a full web design process, designed and coded from scratch. These typically cost more and take longer. Template sites are generally 40% - 60% cheaper than a custom site but aren't unique. They take a little less time to complete.
We work with clients all over the world.
Epic Web Solutions was established in 2006 and continues to provide cutting-edge service to this day.
Yes, Epic Web Solutions stands behind its work 100%. Any bugs or issues that arise from work provided by Epic Web Solutions during the project scope phase will be covered and fixed at no charge. However, if other development has taken place on the site and modifications have been made to the existing code, Epic Web Solutions will not warranty the work.
No, Epic Web Solutions does not own or have rights to the work that we do on behalf of our clients. Everything that we do for a website project is owned entirely by the client.
Epic Web Solutions uses both in-house and contractors to build our websites. We are a small business and don't always have the talent in-house to develop certain things for websites. We have relationships with experts in all industries and will provide value for any project.
Epic Web Solutions is a full-service digital marketing company that provides exceptional service with the experience of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Not only do the websites we design look great, but they also rank well and attract qualified traffic. We aren't always the cheapest, and we aren't always the most expensive. We provide a lot of value for our price point. We also don't lie, cheat, steal or blow smoke. What you see is what you get. Finally, we always do the right thing...even if it's our fault (we aren't perfect).

Other Questions

Yes, Epic Web Solutions provides E-commerce websites. Depending on the purpose and products of our clients, we provide different E-commerce solutions. In many cases, Epic Web Solutions develops on an established framework, such as OpenCart. This solution enables Epic Web Solutions to provide custom design and integration while benefiting from an open-source framework that reduces overall time and development costs.
We built applications of all sizes from starts up to fortune 500 companies.
Yes, Epic Web Solutions provides 3 types of web maintenance. 1.) Hourly 2.) Pre-purchased at a discount in 5, 10 and 20 hour blocks. 3.) Subscription (the cheapest) paid for monthly.
Yes, we charge a fixed cost per word that would be outlined in your proposal.
You own your website, all of its assets, content, pictures, code and design once they are paid for in full. This is one of the things that sets us apart. We don't ever hold client hostage or play games. Once your assets are paid for in full, you own them 100% no questions asked.
Custom sites start at around $4500 - $7500. Template sites are around $3,000 - $4,500.