When it comes to choosing a website design company in Arizona, you should choose carefully as there are so many. When looking for a website design company you should be able to see a portfolio, professional references and results. If you are planning on using that same company for search engine optimization company (SEO) don’t be afraid to ask for results, or data to backup their claims.

One of the most common things we see as a legitimate website design and SEO company in Arizona is all the fakes. Companies that can “get you to the top in 7 days guaranteed” are usually using black hat techniques that will in the long term eventually get you banned or they are targeting keywords that no one is searching for, or have no value to your companies target audience. Just remember that Google and other popular search engines have algorithms in place that prevent you from out ranking other companies overnight. Just remember Google loves fresh, relevant, usefull content that’s valuable to it’s users.

Web design and SEO work hand in hand, so if you are choosing an web design company that doesn’t offer any type of SEO than do your research as having that all under the same roof will be more efficient and probably less expensive. When starting an SEO campaign, it will most likely require changes to your website to fix critical on page elements which will go much smoother if the same company is performing the web changes.

Epic Web Solutions specializes in making websites rank well and look good. Call us today to find out how we can help your website rank better.

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