Before you meet with your team to brainstorm ideas for a video blog or video for your website, you want to come to the meeting prepared with educated decisions on why you should engage in one topic over the other when the goal is to get more visibility and drive traffic to the video and/or website.

Keyword Research

Discover what your viewers want you to do a video about.

  1. Go to and enter a phrase related to your business and find related keyword phrases.
    1. For example, enter “Real Estate 2013”
    2. You will find related phrases that will generated ideas for topics


  1. Now go to‎ and enter several phrases from ubersuggest that were relevant
  2. Now enter Real Estate, Real Estate 2013, Real Estate Predictions 2013, Real Estate Trends 2013 and other phrases from ubersuggest.


  1. Once you have submitted, you will see Google show relevant search phrases.
  2. This will give you a great idea on what phrases to specifically target while you optimize your youtube post and blog post.  This will also validate your idea, give you solid data on people searching for the phrases, and real data to push a topic.


Optimizing Youtube Post To Get More Viewers & Exposure


One of the most overlooked elements in creating videos for Youtube is how to properly tag each video and utilize the 2nd largest search engine in the world to drive traffic to your video and therefore your brand/website/etc.

Tagging helps Youtube find relevant video results for their users.  You have to keep in mind that in all cases, Youtube wants the video that the user clicks on to be relevant to their search.  Tags are a great tool to show up in search results for the videos that you publish.

Keep in mind that the Youtube description also needs to be consistent with the tags and title of the video.  Remember that Youtube is a division of Google and has a lot of similarities in their search algorithm and rankings for video as it does for websites.  You need to make sure that your titles, content and tags are consistent and similar for your video to rank well for its keywords you target.

Upload & Optimize Your Youtube Video

  1. Once the video has uploaded, youtube will prompt you will more information to fill out.  This information will be vital for outside viewers (non channel subscribers) to find your videos and increase your viewership and brand awareness
  1. Enter a title.

i.     When creating a title, make sure that this title is relevant to the video and has a keyword phrase in it that is commonly searched from the keyword research that you just conducted.

  1. Enter a description.

i.     The description of the video needs to be relevant to the subject matter as well as relevant to the title that was just entered.  Make sure that you insert phrases where necessary in the description, but make sure that everything sounds natural and isn’t used unnecessarily.

  1. Create your tags.

i.     First things first, enter brand tags.  It is always important to make sure that the brand is represented in the video, as long as the video is being produced on behalf of the company.

ii.     From the keyword research that was conducted, enter tags that have higher search volume from the list you established.

  1. When brainstorming tags, make sure that long-tail phrases are being used to get specific search results.
    1. Long-tail means longer and more detailed phrases

i.     Ie “Real estate trends in Phoenix 2013”, instead of “Real estate trends”

iii.      Properly categorize your video.

Make sure that the video has been properly categorized.  Youtube provides very broad categorizations, so choose the most relevant to your subject matter.


Optimizing Your Blog Post For Video Posts


Posting Your Video On The Blog

When posting videos to a blog, there are many different ways and circumstances that will determine how a video needs to be embedded and used in the blog post.  We are going to go over how to use a video as the blog post.

  1. Before you begin with the blog post, there are a few items that need to be determined.
    1. Transcribe The Video

i.     If the video is the main content in the post, then you will need to professionally transcribe the video.

ii.     For video transcription, we used SpeechPad (

  1. SpeechPad costs 1/minute of the video to professionally and manually transcribe the video.
  2. SpeechPad can return a video in 24hrs if you pay an additional fee, otherwise will take several days to complete.
  3. Use tracking/data collection/hosted player like Wistia

i.     Wistia allows you to embed the video and track users experiences while watching the video.

  1. This is beneficial for the video team to see where they can improve in future videos as well as give insight to the user group that watches the videos and understand their behaviors.
  2. You can utilize video by embedding through Youtube, but we recommend using a hosted service like Wistia if you want to invest in video marketing.
  3. Creating The Blog Post
  1. Title

i.     Utilize the keyword research that you conducted and come up with a title that has the keyword phrase in it so that in your URL structure and title of the post help the post rank for certain phrases that you discovered in the keyword research phase.

  1. URL

i.     Most blogging platforms like WordPress will automatically create the URL structure to be the title.

  1. For example if the title is “How To Do Video SEO”, the URL will be automatically generated for /how-to-do-video-seo/
  2. You want to make sure that those elements are the same or similar for consistency.
  3. Post Overview

i.     Create a brief paragraph giving an overview about what the user is about to watch and read.  This needs to be quick and lead right into the video.

  1. Embed The Video

i.     Embed the video using Wistia, Youtube, or other video players.

  1. Enter The Transcription

i.     After the video embed, enter in the manual transcription that you had professionally transcribed.  The transcription serves several purposes, one being that Google will see all of this relevant, unique content that you just created in the video on the page.



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