Getting ready to launch new Website

The new website design for has been in the making for a month now and is almost ready to launch. We brought out all the stop for this website including a few things that have never been done before on any other websites that Epic Web Solutions has launched.

-Search Engine/Keyword Detection to display relevant content based on what the user typed into Google/Yahoo/Bing.

  • By detecting the keyword they have searched, we can show users targeted product images/text and increase conversions.
  • Learn more about what the user wants to see and display only converting images.

-Geolocation of users by IP address

  • Find out where the user is coming from and display testimonials from local business’s that they may recognize to increase brand recognition
  • Display discounts or promos based on location
  • Real time content delivery based on location

Combining these two techniques, we will be looking to increase conversions while also enhancing the user experience by only giving them content/sales/promos that are targeted to what they are looking for and their specific location.