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Full-Service SEO Plans Based On Competition & Industry

SEO Audit Initial SEO Audit Process

Epic Web Solutions’ SEO audit process determines the direction of each of our SEO engagements. Prior to any commencement of work, our project manager and SEO strategist meet with our clients to truly understand their business model and industry. Once that has been determined. We provide initial crawl diagnostics, link profiling, current on page HTML reports, competition level and a current landscape of search for our client's industry.
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SEO On Page Optimization Initial On Page Optimization

Our SEO dedicated team compiles research from the initial audit and determines what the target audience is and their search behaviors before determining how to optimize the website. Once the keyword research and audit process is complete, our team sorts through the website optimizing every page based on the services and products that our clients provide. On page optimization has becoming increasingly important on the big picture of SEO.

Ongoing SEO Services Ongoing SEO Services

In order to achieve high rankings, it takes a well thought out plan. We make sure that our clients understand the work we do in order to increase their rankings. We have many inbound marketing techniques in order to acquire inbound links from high quality websites. At the end of the day, your website needs high quality content that is link worthy. We know that Google changes their algorithm, but we know that if our clients are an authority in their industry and have a community developed because of the resources we create bring natural inbound links.

SEO Infographics Infographics

Infographics are a tremendous way to promote our client's business and gain traffic, increase social sharing and provide inbound links that increase their rankings. We have found that creating a well designed info graphic is shared and spread throughout the internet. We use this technique to acquire links in a scalable fashion. Infographics present relevant information in a great design that develops thought from the end user, in return the end user shares and embeds these infographics through social media and on their site.

Content Marketing Article Writing & Content Marketing

A great way to promote your business and have great content on your website is by writing articles regarding industry news, current events and informational pieces to bring useful content to your users and establish a community around your brand. We provide article writing and blog management as part of our ongoing SEO service in order to get great, fresh content on the website while establishing our client's presence online and building a community.

What good is a great looking website that can’t be found? It’s tragic.

Search is our specialty, we provide great results for our clients that increase their revenue, because at the end of the day that’s what a website should do… drive revenue. We develop all of our websites with search engine optimization from the ground up, meaning that you have the ability to rank well right out of the gate.
Organic Search Clicks We do our homework. We study what keywords you should be using to reach your audience. We take all aspects of search into consideration, location, competition, demographic, etc. What’s worse than not ranking at all is ranking for something irrelevant to your business.
We don’t give up once you have achieved your goal rankings. We manicure the campaign to maintain top rankings and improve on other keywords. The more visibility the more chances your customer has to find you.
One thing we never do to our clients is mislead them and create unrealistic expectations. Epic Web Solutions is an ethical SEO company and we don’t guarantee results that we can’t deliver on just to get your business.
Competitive Analysis
Keyword Research
Keyword Competition
Link Analysis
Site Structure Analysis
Page load Time Research
Traffic Analysis
Initial Optimization:
HTML Tag Optimization
Sitemap Generation (XML, HTML)
Revise Site Structure
Keyword Implementation
Page Load Time Optimization
Blog Implementation
Initial Link Building
Internal Link Optimization
Page Titles
Ongoing Optimization:
Article Publishing
Press Release
Link Building
Content Optimization
Deep Linking
Site Security
Microsite builds
Traffic Monitoring & Reports
Rank Monitoring & Reports
Keyword Revisions
Google Panda Prevention
  • Increased ROI
  • Organic traffic growth
  • Increased conversions through on page optimization
  • Ranking reports showing your rankings on the major search engines
  • Traffic reports for deep conversion analysis
  • Full website audit
  • Page load time optimization

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  • Epic Web Solutions has been our web service provider for five years as they have built us a new website; implemented SEO; built our six blogs; and continue to provide us with ongoing support. Nick Julia is very knowledgeable in website design and SEO, and he does this with a warm and friendly attitude, which makes it a pleasure to work with him. I would recommend Nick Julia and his team at Epic Web Solutions for all of your web support needs.

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