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Interviewing Senior Level PHP Programmers

This post is intended to educate interviewers and interviewees on what I ask with my programming team to qualify candidates for hiring high level PHP developers. PHP SECTION Question #1: We draw the following URL on a while board and have the candidate identify each part of the URL.  Keep in mind, we start very BASIC to get them comfortable white boarding and then slowly get more difficult. https://www.exam ...

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Best Website Design & SEO Tools

Here is a short list of my favorite website design and SEO Tools. These are a mix of free and paid tools. Rank Tracker - Paid Rank Tracker is a tool that I use to manage alot of my SEO projects. Rank Tracker gives you the ability to check rankings on all the major search engines and give you all the insight you need in order to beat your competitors. I pay roughly $100 a month for this service and its worth ...

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CSV to MySQL Converter – A Useful MySQL Database Importing Tool

If you are looking for a useful CSV to MySQL database converter that will take CSV files of information and convert them into insert statements here is a great tool for you. This tool has saved me a lot of time when dealing with large imports/exports in MySQL databases. Just thought i would share. ...

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