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How To Properly Utilize Video For SEO

Before you meet with your team to brainstorm ideas for a video blog or video for your website, you want to come to the meeting prepared with educated decisions on why you should engage in one topic over the other when the goal is to get more visibility and drive traffic to the video and/or website. Keyword Research Discover what your viewers want you to do a video about. Go to and en ...

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What Is Google’s Algorithm Change “Top Heavy” And What Does It Mean For Me?

What Is Top Heavy? Top Heavy 2 is an adjustment to the original Top Heavy algorithm change that occurred in January 2012.  This change was in response to users constantly complaining about landing on web pages and not seeing any relevant content to what they searched for.  Above the fold refers to everything a user sees when they land on your website, the upper most region of the web page where most website ...

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New Info-graphic For SEO Client

Using Info-graphics To Acquire Links Titan Power is a data center design, build and maintenance company that we provide ongoing SEO services for.  We provide ongoing link building, content marketing and many other services to help increase their rankings for keyword phrases such as "UPS maintenance". As we all know now with the Penguin & Panda updates with Google, links are more important than ever (qua ...

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Our Efficient & Effective Website Design Process

Website design is a constantly evolving term.  Five years ago I would tell you that a web designer is someone who can create a layout for a website and utilize brand guidelines to create the look and feel for a website. Today, a website designer has to truly understand the functionality of the website that they are designing.  Website designers have to develop the interactivity and user experience of the si ...

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The SEO game has changed

Google has sent a message thus far in 2012 in regards to web spam and over optimization.  We knew the old strategies of buying links and posting on directories was a dying strategy, but the one thing that has now come as a surprise is anchor text. In our previous link building campaigns and link bait strategies, we used to encourage heavy keyword dense anchor text.  Since April, the more keyword dense links ...

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